Serbian Society for Innovative Materials in Extreme Conditions (SIM-EXTREME)

is the first serbian society to bring together experts and young researchers on the phenomena arisen during the processing and/or exploitation of the innovative materials focused on the current research in the field of material science, physics, chemistry, earth, and computation science. Special focus of the society is on the experimental and computational investigations of materials obtained or operated under extreme conditions, development of the innovative materials at high pressures, under high magnetic and electric fields, over a wide range of temperatures, radiation conditions, corrosive environments, under extreme mechanical loads and non-equilibrium thermodynamic conditions. The interrelation between external effects, microstructural characteristics, and material properties have been considered on the experimental and theoretical level in order to obtain new or enhanced insights into the material behavior and their application.

We are a voluntary scientific, professional, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization of the Republic of Serbia, established in 2019.